Our History

In June 2012 many long-term Presbyterians responded to God’s call to form a Kingdom-oriented church community, strong in mission and obedient to scripture. Relying on the Spirit to lead us, we have grown to nearly 160 covenant partners.

October 21, 2012—The church was named The Presbyterian Fellowship of Fountain Inn.

November, 2012—We adopted our Core Values and Rev. Dr. Thomas Boone became our Organizing Pastor

January 6, 2013—Church officers were ordained and installed. PFFI was accepted into the ECO.

January 13, 2013—During worship the Session received the church’s first Covenant Partners. 83 people signed our Charter.

March 31, 2013—At our first Easter service we closed our Charter with 123 signatures.

May 4, 2013—Leaders adopted the PFFI mission and vision statements.

May 26, 2013—PFFI Covenant Partners called their first Pastor, Rev. A. Shawn Hevener.

September 22, 2013 - The congregation unanimously approved purchasing the property at 417 South Main Street, Fountain Inn.

November 10, 2013 - The congregation held an outdoor Worship Service and Property Dedication at the new property.

December 2013 - The church office was established at 417 South Main Street.

April 27, 2014 - The congregation unanimously approved moving ahead with construction on a worship facility at 417 South Main Street.

2014 and 2015 - Worship services were held outdoors in the pavilion on the church property and at a temporary location while construction of the worship facility took place.

July 2015 - Worship services began in the new sanctuary at 417 South Main Street.  Existing buildings on the property were refurbished for Youth ministry and office/small group purposes.

August 2015 - Two portions of the church property are the location of a community garden:  Synergy Garden at Presbyterian Fellowship of Fountain Inn

2016 - Church property expanded to include 7 acres at 419 South Main Street.

July 2017 - We called Jessica Llanes to be our first Director of Service and Mission.

2018 - We opened a Foster Supply Closet for fostering families in the Upstate.  The Foster Supply Closet is located in the former manse (tan brick) by the road.